Battlefield LIVE gaming guns are tough, durable and have an authentic look, weight and feel. The technology used is infra-red light. The same technology is used by the British Army for pre-deployment training. Infra-red light is invisible but our guns simulate the firing action of a “ghost bullet” with different coloured lenses within the guns. They come equipped with a highly accurate scope containing a red dot to pinpoint your enemy and are totally safe

Cobra Lightweight

Style: Sub Machine Gun
Range: Short for CQB or Indoors
Construction: Polycarbonate, 2 hand handle
Trigger: Trigger mechanism (not a button)
Weight: 1.8kgs/3.5lbs
Environments: Day/Night Outdoors or Indoors
Length: 40cm/15.75

Scorpion Sub Machine Gun

Style: Sub Machine Gun (Bolter Type)
Range: Short great for CQB
Scope: Red Dot
Construction: Metal case and resin handle
Trigger: full trigger mechanism
Weight: 2.2kgs/4.25lbs
Environments: Day/Night Outdoors
Length: 38cm/15

Medic Box

Style: Medic
Range: Short
Construction: Metal
Weight: 3.5kgs/7lbs
Environments: Day/Night Outdoors

All our guns can toggle between semi-auto and full-auto.

Gamers kit up with weapons and sensors firmly attached to caps/hats and guns. Aiming through red dot or telescopic scopes they shoot a precision infrared beam of light at the opponents' sensors. These flash red to register a hit. When a player runs out of lives the gun deactivates. Sensors shine red continuously so there's no cheating. Action resumes with a rapid respawn from the team medic box.